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Our Goal: This website is dedicated to help our visitors to understand how to make extra money by taking online paid surveys in UK which is the easiest and the most time effective way of generating extra money online. Our primary aim is to help you to join best paid survey sites in UK and get paid for surveys.

We only list online survey panels that are free to join and that offer cash thru PayPal, checks, or prepaid Visa debit cards. Other top panels that offer valuable gift rewards (e.g. Macy’s gift card) are also listed, while those offering only merchandise are not listed. Our list is comprised of top online survey panels that we have joined and participated in.

The overall benefits and flaws of taking online paid surveys along with our tips and advice are presented in complete details. In the meantime, each listed survey panel will include a detailed description of the program as well as its pros and cons. The primary goal of this web site is to ensure that it is a useful free resource for our visitors.

How to Make Money Online from Home?

This is probably the most commonly asked question on the internet for years. Making money online is probably a misunderstood topic for many people thinking that they must commit long term to see good revenue. This is true if you are selling stuff on eBay, or if you build your own website or start blogging to make money that require investing a lot of time as well as money, patience, passion about the topic, and experience / knowledge of how to bring traffic to your website or blog.

It may pay off at the end by generating revenue from Google Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher, Kontera, or other advertisement products. You can also join well known reputable affiliate programs like Amazon, or affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, or ShareASale, and advertise their products on your website or blog. Other making money online opportunities that require investing a lot of time is to consider writing articles to sites like Examiner, Associated Contents, HubPages, and Squidoo; or to consider home freelancing to sites such as FreeLancer, iFreeLance, and GoFreeLance. In fact, there are more than one hundred ways to Make Money From Home, so feel free to explore the ideas on that site and learn how to generate an income online.

However, online paid surveys are probably the easiest and the most time effective way of earning extra money online. This can be a side activity that generates a steady income of more than $200 that will definitely help you and your family in the current weak economic conditions. Joining online survey panels do not require any upfront investment, experience, or long-term commitment.

Paid online surveys would be an ideal situation for housewives, unemployed people, part-time workers, college students, retirees, or anyone who can commit at least 40 hours per month. However, the internet has hundreds and may be thousands of websites that are actually scams. This article describes some tips and advice on selecting the legitimate survey panels that are right for you and avoiding scams.

Making Extra Money with Online Paid Surveys in UK

The truth about online paid surveys is that it will never make you rich and will never be able to replace your regular job income even if you are working with the minimum wage. This is simply because the number of paid surveys you receive per day will be limited to 20–30 if you sign up for 10–15 online survey panels.

Assuming that you will qualify for half of the surveys and the average incentive is $3 per survey, you will end up with $45 in your luckiest day! In fact, you will most likely end up making $10 a day with a possibility of reaching as much as $20 few days a month! However, paid online surveys can be a side activity that generates a consistent monthly income if you follow our tips and advice. Compensation for taking each survey can range anywhere from $1–$8 or even more depending on the product/service under evaluation.

A survey generally takes around 5–45 minutes to complete, the longer it is the higher is the compensation. To conclude, taking online surveys can be beneficial if you can dedicate 60 hours per month which would generate $200-$300 at the comfort of your home. This extra money will definitely help you and your family in the current weak economic conditions. It is obvious that part-time workers, unemployed people, housewives, and retirees can generate more monthly income.

How much extra money can you make taking paid surveys in UK?

That depends on your free time, survey compensation, strategy for taking online surveys and strategy for increasing your potential earnings. Many surveys offer $2 incentive for around 20 minutes time frame which seems to be the standard in this industry. However, small things count and you can generate a steady monthly income from the comfort of your home.

Assuming you can dedicate 60 hours per month (just 2 hours every day) and assuming that you will spend 10 minutes to get qualified for a survey. Therefore, you can complete two surveys in one hour. As a result, you can get around ($2 / survey) x (2 surveys / hour) x (60 hours / month) or an average of $240 per month. This figure may increase knowing that some online survey panels pay more than others, and that hot topics such as new technology and internet usually pay an average of $5 for 20 minutes length surveys, in addition to some facts listed in the next section.

Top 10 Best Paid Survey Sites in UK that Pay Cash

Below is the list of top 10 best paid survey sites in United Kingdom that pay cash and have paid me. I have been paid by each of the below survey panels and can say that these are legitimate. All of the below listed market research companies are free to join and are available for Great Britain people.

Tips for Joining Online Paid Survey Panels

Tip #1 – Be aware of Scams

Many online survey panels are scams just to get your information to sell to third parties. Please remember that “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is a scam”.

You should never pay a fee to join an online survey panel. Most sites that require payment to join are usually scams.

Tip #2 – Join Legitimate Survey Panels

Join only legitimate online survey panels that pay, and that don’t deceive their survey takers. To spot a legitimate survey site, look at their privacy policy and make sure that they won’t release your information to a third party.

Most respected legitimate survey panels are members of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations, CASRO, which requires members to adhere to the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, a tough, internationally-cited set of standards, which has long been the benchmark for the industry. The code allows survey panels to ask for personal information such as name, age, marital status, number of children, annual income, address, hobbies, etc., in order to build a database of people and their corresponding demographic information, so that they can match potential survey takers with the product / service being under evaluation or study.

However, the code requires survey panels to keep personal information strictly confidential.

Legitimate survey panels will never ask you to purchase a product/service or a trial offer that requires using your credit card. On the contrary, they will gladly reward you, because by completing online market research surveys for them, you are providing invaluable feedback for their clients, and they can make money.

Legitimate survey panels will never ask you to provide your credit card or bank account information, Social Security number, or your PayPal password. They will never try to recruit you via unsolicited e-mail or pop-up ads with survey questions. They will never contact or seek personal information from your children under 13, or ask them to take an online survey without your prior consent.

Tip #3 – Use a Separate Email Account

Do not use your personal or business email accounts when signing up for online survey sites. We would recommend using a separate email address specifically for taking online paid surveys.

Tip #4 – Add Panel Email Address to your Safe Sender List

You may not be getting survey invitations in your inbox folder as your email provider may be flagging them as Spam, deleting them, or moving them to your junk folder.

To ensure that you receive all survey invitations, add the email addresses of all survey panels to your list of safe / trusted senders to your address book or contact list.

Tips for Maximizing your Potential Earnings from Paid Surveys

Your time is valuable, and we want to maximize your ability and chances to earn extra money by taking online paid surveys. You can follow these tips:

Tip #1 – Join Several Top Survey Panels

Our recommendation is to start out by joining 5 five survey panels with the ultimate goal of joining 15–20 of the top online survey panels listed on this site.

A good suggestion is to join 4 survey panels every weekend including filling in your profiles which may take up to 1 hour for each survey panel. There is no need to rush as you can reach the ultimate goal within 2 months without getting bored of filling the same information over and over again.

Upon reaching this ultimate goal, your email account will get a lot of daily surveys from which you can select those of interesting topics, good incentives, or do not consume much time.

Tip #2 – Fill in Your Profiles

This is the key to get future invitations from survey panels as they try to match a specific profile of potential survey takers with the product or service being evaluated or studied. So, take the time and fill in all your profiles for every survey panel.

By filling in your profiles, it is less likely to receive an invitation for a survey that you are not likely to qualify for anyway. No doubt, it would be frustrating to spend up to 5 minutes on a survey only to find out that you do not qualify.

Your profile will generally  include information on your employment & workplace, entertainment & leisure, food & beverages, health & wellness, home & family, household technology, internet activities, money & finance, shopping & personal care, sports, travel, vehicles, and video & computer games.

You should update your profile upon purchasing a new vehicle, large appliances (e.g. refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc.), consumer electronics (e.g. HDTV, 3D LED TV, smartphone, iPad, etc), or video games consoles (e.g. Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP Go, Nintendo DSi XL, etc.). You should also update your profile if you are diagnosed with a new health condition. This will increase your chances to qualify for specific surveys.

Many survey panels will send you an email reminder at the beginning of each year to update your profiles.

Tip #3 – Which Surveys to Take?

We do not take online surveys to enter sweepstakes. We believe there is a very little chance of winning sweepstakes. However, few survey takers will definitely win, we hope you are one of them.

Many surveys offer $2 incentive for around 20 minutes time frame which seems to be the standard in this industry. However, small things count and you can generate a steady monthly income from the comfort of your home. Assuming you can dedicate 60 hours per month (just 2 hours every day) and assuming that you will spend 10 minutes to get qualified for a survey. Therefore, you can complete two surveys in one hour. As a result, you can get around ($2 / survey) x (2 surveys / hour) x (60 hours / month) or an average of $240 per month.

We do not take online surveys with incentive less than $2 in 20 minutes. However, it is up to you to setup the minimum incentive to take a survey.

Tip #4 – Respond Quickly to Survey Invitations

Some surveys reach the required number of respondents very quickly which is usually the case with Global Test Market and iPoll panels, while others tend to fill more slowly which is sometimes the case with Opinion Outpost panel.

Tip #5 – Log In your iPoll Account

All online survey panels including iPoll will send you invitations to you email account. However, if you login into your iPoll account on a daily basis, you will notice many other surveys opportunities available.

Tip #6 – Understand the Point System of Survey Panels

Some survey panels have a point system. Understanding the point system will help you decide on which surveys to take and which ones that do not worth your time.

In Toluna system, 3,000 points are equivalent to $1 while 20 points on Global test Market system are equivalent to $1. You can do the math and setup the minimum points to take a survey from each panel.

If you take action, join best paying survey sites in UK and put your honest effort you can definitely make some extra money each month doing paid surveys in UK. If you have not joined any survey panels yet, I highly recommend to join these best paid survey sites and start getting paid for doing surveys in your spare time.

Click the below links to join top 5 paying survey websites in UK:

  1. Opinion Outpost UK
  2. Valued Opinions UK
  3. Toluna Surveys UK